Message sakin to ng Kuya ko nung graduation ko.. :)) Gusto ko lang ipost.. <3

TO MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER TINTIN: First of all, congratulations is in order. I bet you`re hell excited for your graduation tomorrow. I know you`ve been waiting for this your whole life. Finally, you would take that long and flashy walk to the podium to grab with your splendid right hand the piece of paper that you worked hard for these past four years. This may sound so cheesy, mushy and all but I AM SO FREAKIN` PROUD of you. Seriously. Lahat kami, si Mama, si Mommy, si TJ. At dahil dyan, magpapa-burger ka. :))) Kidding aside, this is just the start. Life after college is pretty tough. It`s actually hell. But I know, kaya mo `yan. I`m always here if you need help, `wag lang muna financially `cos I`m still financially depressed. HOHOHO. Sige na, I don`t want to bore you with this message. I LOVE YOU. And I mean it hard.

LOVE, The awesome-mest brother that one can ever have